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About us :

We are pioneers in manufacturing HF Acid Antidote Gel , introduced in the Asian market as early as 1990 . This product was earlier known as Safety gel ( now as Safety Gel - HF ) and used extensively by most HF Industries all over , marketed by our sister concern earlier and now directly marketed by us .

We have specialized in First aid products , especially of use in burns caused by corrosive chemicals such as HF acid , Sulfuric acid , Caustic Alkalies in the chemicals industry . As you may know we are the only company manufacturing and marketing first aid product exclusively for sulfuric acid burns . In other words we have antidote gel for sulfuric acid burns (Safety Gel - S). This product finds extensive use in sulfuric acid industries . Since sulfuric acid causes corrosive and violent reaction with water , it is advisable not to wash the area with water but use this antidote gel for neutralizing the effect .

We are sole manufactures and marketers of above products .

We are specialist's in Safty Products - Chemicals Burns
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