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HF Acid Eater
Spill Chemicals-Destroyers
Treat chemical spills in the lab or on the plant floor with a single step:

CHEMICAL DESTROYER to treat spills wherever chemicals are used—.

Acid Destroyer: Neutralizes and solidifies most organic and inorganic acids, including hydrofluoric acid.

Caustic Destroyer: Neutralizes and solidifies many common caustics and organic bases, including sodium hydroxide and hydrazine.

Formaldehyde Destroyer: Formaldehyde Polymerizer is formulated to rapidly treat formaldehyde spills and reduce their vapours to limit contamination. Reacts with aqueous formaldehyde to form a polynoxylin polymer.

Spill Chemicals:
Spill chemicals are available in packages of 500 gm containers. Order specific spill desrtoyer.
Price : On request.

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