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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Anti dote ?
Ans :
  A remedy or other agent used to neutralize or counter the effects of a chemical.

2 .What Safety precautions   should  one take to work with HF . How should one obtain a container / an unit of Safety Gel HF  ?
Ans :  To work with HF ,  you must take HF training  that will provide you with information  on   the chemical properties , safe handling ,  protective equipment ,  medical treatment , first aid  ,  clean up and disposal of HF. After you complete the HF training  , you must carry at all times , Safety Gel HF .  For your requirement of this  antitode gel  ,  you can contact us online though our website / email .    These antidotes are stocked and kept ready for any emergency . 

3. Where can we find information regarding precautions  to be taken  , when working with  Hazardous chemicals  ? 
Ans :
You can find safe handling procedures in MSDS .

4. How to dispose  of unwanted / used-up supplies of HF  ?
Ans : 
 Other than a ML  are two , one should not flush it down the drain ( Where it can cause problems with bio degradation of waste )  or neutralize it  with sodium carbonate  ( which converts it in to  highly toxic  sodium fluoride )   It is probably best to add   the diluted acid to a slurry of excess lime  ( Calcium Hydroxide ) in water with stirring  . This converts it in to   an insoluble  calcium fluoride  ,  essentially an harmless  or  almost harmless  product ,  which you can dispose of  according to the rules  in your area  . 

5. Do we need a prescription   to purchase  a Safety gel HF ? Is this classified as a drug? Is this FDA approved product?
Ans :
  No, These are specific chemicals, which nullify the effect of corrosive chemicals / Acids without affecting the human skin / human body/ bones., and also do not cause any kind of polluting the environment  

6. Should we use  safety gel HF ,  if   HF comes in contact with eyes ?
Ans :
  Do not apply safety gel HF to the eyes ;  but you can wash the eyes with safety gel HF eye wash solution . 

7.  Is Safety gel HF Eye wash / Plain Eye wash  a drug ?
Ans :
  No .

NOTE : All burns require a full medical evaluation, whether treated with gel or not.The gel is for First aid use. Time is precious in such instances and First aid application will be LIFE SAVING one.

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