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Corrosive irritants can create an exchange between the skin  and the chemical   which results in a chemicals burns .

The exchange is done according to six kinds of aggressive chemical reactions: Acidic,Basic, Oxidation, Reduction, Chelation of calcium, Magnesium and Solvatation / solution.
Factors that influence the seriousness of the burns :
1.Nature of the Product
2.Concertration of the chemical
3.Length of contact
4.Temperature of the aggressive product
Steps of Chemical burns :
1.The contact : Origin of the  burns
2.Penetration of the chemical on the skin
3.The reaction that constitutes the burn

Depending upon the nature of the chemical , We have from a few seconds to a few minutes to interfere efficiently between the contact and the reaction.

At that critical time,application of Safetygel's as First-aid will alleviate/reduce human sufferings including pain and irritation and thus save precious lives

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