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HF Acid Eater
Safetygel -HFD-Destroyer
HF spills: Hydrofluoric acid is one of the strongest and most corrosive acids known. Therefore special safety precautions are necessary when using this chemical. The HF Acid Eater transforms hydrofluoric acid into safe, non-toxic inorganic salts which are disposable in sanitary (waste water) drains eliminating 100% of disposal costs. The neutralization ratio is 1:1 unlike caustic soda and soda ash

Unlike caustic soda and soda ash, which forms poisonous bi-fluoride, HF Acid Eater completely destroys the hydrofluoric acid polymer. This neutralizer has a 1:1 neutralization ratio as apposed to the 12:1 ratio of caustic soda. . HF Acid Eater is non-hazardous and noncorrosive, and is excellent for a variety of uses and applications. Also reduces odours.

APPLICATION: Gently pour and/or spray the HF Acid Destroyer on the spill working from the outside of the spill inward. HF Acid Destroyer will change colors in the presence of hydrofluoric acid from a beige color to red indicating the neutralization process is complete. Wipe, mop or allow the spill to air dry. Rinse personnel protective equipment with plenty of water to remove any chemical residues before re-using.

Acid Destroyer neutraliizes hydrofluoric acid into safe organic/inorganic salts ,easily water disposable.
Nonhazardous, noncorrosive ,Non- Staining and Non toxic and Bio degradable.Easily Water Washable.
Completely destroys hydrofluoric acid using a 1:1 neutralization ratio. . Contact us for your requirements, right away.

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