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Contains :
Calcium Gluconate - 1%
Normal Saline - 0.9% q.s
Packing 500 ML Containers .

Price :
INR 750/- per container or USD 11.15. per container
(All inclusive price)
Min: 12 Containers per Box 

Eye Wash Solutions :

HF Antidote solution for eye wash-Safety Gel HF for eye wash

Note :
Safety Gel HF eye wash is also available in 100 Ml containers.
Price Rs 120/- per container.
Min Qty 12/ per box


As the chemical risk is omnipresent , the necessary tools must be installed to control and minimize the consequences of possible accidents , inspite of the existing safety measures . 

About HF :
HF is an inorganic acid which is derived from dissolving hydrogen fluoride in water. HF is noncombustible , colorless and possesses an irritating odor . HF is an extremely corrosive material which attacks all tissues of the body . Contact with the skin results in deep tissue burns that are extremely slow to heal . Contact with dilute ( less than 25% ) solutions may not be felt and until a few hours has past , resulting in major tissue damage . Skin contact with higher concentrations of HF causes immediate and painful burns as well as massive tissue and bone destruction . Hydrofluoric Acid penetrates the skin , destroys underlying tissues and attacks bone . Solutions as weak as 1 % will still rapidly permeate the skin and severely damage underlying tissues . Hydrofluoric Acid vapour burns the eyes , ultimately leading to blindness . At concentrations 10 ppm to 15 ppm HF vapors begin to irritate the eyes . Brief exposure ( 5 minutes ) to concentrations greater than or equal to 50 ppm can be fatal . 

HF Incompatibilities :
HF attacks glass , concrete and any metals . It also attacks organic materials such as leather , natural rubber and wood . Care should be taken to properly store HF with other acids and always with secondary containment . Do not store HF in glass containers .

HF Spills / Safety
If your spill any amount of HF , vacate the Lab and notify the safety department immediately . Work with quantities that allow for quick an easy cleanup by appropriate personnel , if spill occurs . When using or pouring HF no area of the skin should be exposed . When handling solutions of HF , eye protection is a must . Protective equipment should be washed after each use to remove any HF build up . The locations of safety showers and eye wash stations should be clearly marked and easily accessible . A pack of Safety gel-HF should be readily available . All persons using HF should be aware of the location and proper application of the SAFETY GEL .

HF Accidents / Exposures :
In the case skin contact first aid must be started within seconds . If the skin contact is local , immediately remove any contaminated clothing and wash the area with water for 15 minutes . Apply generous amount safety gel HF to the area . Gently massage the gel in to the contaminated areas while using gloves . White specks appearing around the burned region indicate the gel is working . Gently apply the gel for 15 minutes and reapply when the pain flares up . Rinsing with water prior to application of the gel is critical . Incase of eye contact , rinse the eyes with large amounts of water for minimum 5 minutes and then wash the eyes with Safety Gel HF and SAFETY GEL HF - EYE WASH SOLUTIONS for about 5 minutes and seek medical attention .

SAFETY GEL HF - EYE WASH SOLUTIONS : Is available in 500ML containers and we recommend any person in contact with HF should carry or have access to Safety Gel-HF at all times with the one container at the work place , one on the person and one at home . For safely sake the Safety Gel HF Eye Wash Solutions should be issued to all employees who may come in contact with HF .

It should be stored in a Refrigerator above 4 Deg C and replaced with fresh supply prior to expiration date. 


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