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Safety Gel - P (Phenol Antidote)


 Contains :
Antidote for Phenol
Poly Ethylene Glycol 300  - 25% w/w
In a specialized gel base  -q.s
Packing 30 grams container .

Price :
INR 950  per container or USD 20 per container
(All inclusive price except Tax and Freight)

Order Quantity :
Minimum 1 box (12 Units)

This is for First Aid only. Also note this Antidote is for burns on the skin caused by Phenol (for topical use only)

Apply gently on the affected skin(about 20Minutes) until the burned area changes colour from white to pink. Do not rub or wipe the affected area.

Skin Protection:
Wear impervious protective Clothing, Including Boots, Gloves, Lab Coat, Apron or coveralls as appropriate to prevent skin contact. Butyl Rubber and Neoprene are suitable materials

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